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IPhone Contender for Verizon Customers October 19, 2009

Posted by carolhagen in Construction Industry - Software, iPhone.
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Verizon Wireless just started an advertising campaign with the new Droid phone.   I was convinced I was switching to AT&T until this announcement and their slick sales pitch that aims squarely at the iPhone.  

The Droid is based upon the Android 2.0 operating system and is a Motorola and Google collaborative effort.   It’s not the first Android based smartphone so you can read about the players in the space from PCWorld .  As Techcrunch so eloquently put it “Verizon Droid is the Real Deal,” so I am now waiting to decide until after the release date of October 30th  for a new smartphone purchase.  With features like 5.o megapixel photos, a Qwerty keyboard, the ability to run simultaneous Apps, widgets and open development this could be the answer for the iPhone or not.  With 10,000 apps touted, I’ll let you know.


1. 6studiozero - October 21, 2009

Carol – I saw this when watching the game the other night. I am very excited about the Droid coming to Verizon! Currently I am thinking about upgrading my iPhone 3g to a 3gS, but I don’t have a contract. AT&T has taken my money and has wasted it to my belief. Their 3g service is just as bad as their cell service. I’ve been through a few different areas on the East Coast, and have found that the service goes in and out in all areas.

The one thing I am thinking about is this: What was AT&Ts service like BEFORE the iPhone. Everyone using the same wireless service cannot be good for the network without the proper upgrades. What happens when everyone get’s on the Droid? Will it choke the network the same way the iPhone has for AT&T?

However, 5mp camera with two LED flash, true Push Notifications / multitasking, and a battery that is replaceable?! I just like the fact that I can add another battery without having to bulk up the size of the phone. An add on battery can cause disruptions while working.

Check out a hands on look with pictures and more information over to http://www.boygeniusreport.com/2009/10/19/motorola-droid-hands-on/

carolhagen - October 21, 2009

Appreciate the additional info. Just hoping that the Droid will have all the apps, and ruggedness of iPhone with the Verizon coverage and service we deserve.

2. Greg Smolens - October 22, 2009

I’m intrigued….. It looks like it may have something, but its not a Blackberry. I would check it out JUST to see how the email performance is….

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