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Tagging LinkedIn Contacts July 20, 2010

Posted by carolhagen in linkedin.

LinkedIn is the king of social media for business but few have used LinkedIn to its potential. Today you will learn how to organize your LinkedIn contacts to better collaborate and converse with Tags.

Tags are like indexes or file folders. They are a way to categorize your contacts. Common tags are friends, colleagues, partners, or classmates but you can add your own. Just click on the contacts tab and select my connections to see this:

Tags organize your contacts into groups

LinkedIn Contacts Tab showing Tags

You can create as many tags as you want and assign multiple tags to one contact. This can be used to group your contacts by what they do, how you met, what organizations they belong to, or their specialties. Once you’ve taken the time to tag each contact you can reap the rewards.

If you want to reach out to many contacts at once, just pick the tag you want and then you can select all or a subset of the results.

Select one Tag, then select all or individual contacts

Select one Tag, then select all or individual contacts

It’s as simple as clicking on “Send Message” to be emailing to numerous contacts at one time. This also works for Companies, Locations and Industries. Even the Recent Activity lets you filter the new connections from your contacts with new connections.

As always, it would help me to know if my readers knew about the “tag” function or if they are planning on utilizing it. Comments are always appreciated and please share this with anyone you know that needs help mastering LinkedIn.


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