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Bluebeam Revu Tip: Working with More Screen Real Estate July 31, 2013

Posted by carolhagen in Bluebeam Revu, Construction Industry - Software.
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Update: New in Revu 11, hold the Shift + F4 and it will close/open (toggle) all the panels.

Bluebeam has many options toolbars and tabs that take up valuable real estate on your screen. When working on detailed drawing every inch counts so today it’s time you looked at the Interface button, located on the far right of the View Tab. It looks like this:
Interface  Bluebeam View Tab

Toggling on/off the panels, command bar, status bar and navigation bar frees up real estate on your screen. You can even hide the tabs showing your open documents. You can go from a Fit Width setting File | View | Fit Width (CTL+0) like this:
Use Fit Width to fill your pane

To this to see more of your documents at once.
Interface options all turned off

You can of course also use the F11 key (the long cut to this is File | View| Full Screen, but you’ll want to toggle off the panels first or you’ll still have the left panel showing
Full Screen with F11 key

Be careful to turn these back on or you may find yourself going crazy trying to remember commands. I’ve also seen people turn the status bar off (at the very bottom) and wonder why they can’t start a markup in the spot they click on. Snap to grid, Markup or content are great when you want them on but can drive you crazy if you don’t realize they are on.

Please share this with your other Bluebeam co-workers and reach out to me with any Bluebeam questions.
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1. Bryan - February 25, 2016

Some how my navigation bar got turned off and I was lost without it. I could’t figure out how to turn it back on. Thanks to this post, i found it and was easily able to turn it back on and restore my inner peace! Thank you for your post!

2. fred - February 9, 2017

https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsThe sheet aspect ratio needs more height and less width, because I need to keep the bottom panel open.
Is there a way to move the bottom panel to the right side of the screen?

carolhagen - June 22, 2018

Drag n drop the markup tab to the left/ right or drag it to a second monitor. You can move any tab. In Revu 2018 if you right click on the tab you can attach left/right too.

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