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How to Find Your Center with Bluebeam Revu June 11, 2015

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Finding the center of an odd shaped room

Finding your center isn’t about Yoga. Whether you want to hang a chandelier or start laying carpet tiles you’ll want to start in the middle of the room. If you start with a square or rectangular room, you could find the center by placing two Diameter measurements and rotate one 90 degrees to see where the diameters cross. This method won’t work though if you have a an arch on one side of the area, like in this hotel foyer (above).

How to find the geometric centerIn this case the ideal tool to use is either the Rectangular Sketch Tool or the Area Measurement Tool and in the properties deselect Show Caption and Check the Centroid. The centroid is the geometric center so the shape of the space will impact your results.Centroid option in the Sketch or area measurement properties

The Centroid function is also available in the Volume measurement tool and numerous sketch tools including the ellipse, polygon, and polyline. Note that Sketch Tools are only available in Revu 2015 and are found under the Markups Tab. If you don’t have Revu 2015 (look under Help | About to find what version you have), give me a call and I’ll help you get upgraded.

For those readers who have Bluebeam Revu Standard or CAD editions and are interested in what the benefits are of having Extreme we’re hosting a free Webinar “Making the Case for Revu Extreme” on July 17, 2015 at 11:30am pacific time. Click here to learn more about this webinar and to RSVP.  We hope to see you there.

Bluebeam Shortcut: Snap, Sync, and Reuse with the Construction Profile January 29, 2015

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Status Bar in Revu has Reuse, Snap, Sync, etcThe popularity of the Construction Profile in Bluebeam Revu often leads to a bit of confusion for newer Bluebeamers. The Status Bar is hidden by default in the profile and so I frequently see people changing the profile they’re using to Takeoff or Advanced so they have the options to Snap to Content, Snap to Markup, Sync side-by-side views or Reuse markups.

Let’s save you some time and instead share the shortcut, F8. This will toggle the Status Bar Off/On in all Revu profiles. Of course if you want to, you could modify the profile so it’s always there too!

For more ways to access the Grid, Sync, Snap options, read “Making Markups a Snap in Bluebeam Revu

With Bluebeam Revu 2015 arriving on February 3rd, 2015 I encourage you to contact me via email or call me 602-570-7289 today if you do not already own a Bluebeam Revu Extreme license. You’ll wish you did if you deal with larger plan sets with 100+ pages. To check whether you have Standard, CAD or Extreme in Revu, click on Help | About

Bluebeam Tips and Shortcuts for Estimators February 21, 2014

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These handy Bluebeam Keyboard shortcuts will help Estimators get their work done a bit faster:

Bluebeam Revu Keyboard Shortcuts for construction estimating

If you aren’t likely to commit these to memory, you can still work more efficiently with these helpful toolchest estimating tool tips.

Publc works Color Codes for Underground Utilities A Markup and its layer can be defined in the toolchest. To add a layer to a markup, right click on your toolchest markup tool and choose layer. Common uses of layers for estimators is to name each layer by trade or specialty. This way you can toggle them off and on, which is especially helpful when you have many measurements in a small area.

Color coding by specialty or discipline is also popular for custom estimating markup tools. My suggestion would be to follow industry standards like the American Public Works Association (APWA) uniform color code for underground utilites:

This also makes for a great “Legend” custom markup tool you can place on your estimating take-off plan set. Not sure how to make this color coded legend as one tool? Tune in for next week’s Bluebeam tip and I’ll cover how to group markups.

Bluebeam Tip:How to Close Multiple Files Quickly February 12, 2014

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Close multiple files in Bluebeam QuicklyIt’s very common to have multiple files open in Bluebeam Revu at one time. We all know that you can click the “X” to close one file at a time but that’s not very efficient when you have many files opened. When you’re in a hurry, you’ve probably closed Bluebeam completely and relaunched it, rather than clicking that “X” a dozen times or more. Do you know there’s another option?

If you want to close all your files but one quickly, just right click on the file tab you want to keep open and you’ll see the option “Close Other Tabs” in the drop-down list. Simple and fast, that’s what I like about Bluebeam.

If you have time, here are more right click tips:

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Making Markups a Snap in Bluebeam Revu January 6, 2014

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Snap to Grid on a PDF with Bluebeam RevuConstruction pros often need to markup their PDF documents to to get clarification or help to explain a solution on the job site.  In Blubeam Revu the most popular markups are the Cloud (C) and the Callout (Q).  [FYI the keyboard shortcuts are in parenthesis if you don’t have these already memorized.]  Making it faster to place these markups on a plan can really expedite the markup process.

You can have your cloud markup “snap to the grid” and your callouts snap to your cloud markups. There are of course many other snap features that you probably aren’t even aware of.  This under 2 minute video explains all your options:

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If your construction team needs training or more Bluebeam licenses, we’re here to help offering volume discounts on new license purchases, enrollment for automatic updates and both on-line and on-site Bluebeam Revu Training at your facilities. Just <a href=”mailto:carol@hagenbusiness.com”>Email Me</a> what you’re interested in.

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