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Construction Industry LinkedIn Statistics April 24, 2012

Posted by carolhagen in Construction Industry - Software, linkedin.
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LinkedIn is being embraced by the US Construction Industry. In doing research to create the interactive map below I looked beyond just the Top 5 countries having the largest number of profiles and found many interesting details. Some countries like the Netherlands and Denmark while having small populations surprised me by the number of construction professionals on LinkedIn. Most larger population English speaking countries were well represented in the Top 10 as were a few key European and Middle Eastern countries. If you click on the map you can hover over the country to see how many construction profiles are present.

Construction Industry Linkedin Statistics by Country April 24 2012 Citation: Construction Industry Linkedin Statistics by Country April 24 2012, ChartsBin.com, viewed 24th April, 2012,

Are there countries (or cities) you need the numbers on? I’m here to help, just ask in the comments section, or drop me a line on LinkedIn.

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