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Bluebeam Revu Tips for iPad: Add Audio, Video and Perform Field Measurements September 18, 2013

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Bluebeam Revu iPad is available on iTunes and can help field workers access plans and perform the punch process visually. The audio and video markups were added in Revu iPad version 1.4 and field measurements in 2.1

Typing on an iPad is rather awkward when holding the iPad in your hand. So why not annotate with an audio recording, video clip or photo. Here’s how to insert them all onto your PDF:

Field Measurements are not as accurate as using the desktop version of Bluebeam Revu (which has a snap to content option), but having the ability to do quick spot checks on the project site is a timesaver.

Watch this video to see Field Measurements in action:

If you don’t own an iPad, that’s ok as Bluebeam Revu desktop also works well on tablet PCs like the Surface Pro, Lenovo Yoga and other convertible laptops. Need to learn more about Bluebeam Revu or want a 30 day free trial of Bluebeam Revu for your laptop? Just visit our website, www.hagenbusiness.com

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16 Construction Management Students Are Hungry in the Desert November 11, 2011

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ASU Del E Webb School of Construction & Ira A Fulton School of EngineeringStudents at the Del E Webb School of Construction are all thinking of their future. Earlier this week they all had a unique opportunity to learn how to leverage LinkedIn on the Arizona State University campus. Sixteen freshman through graduate students filled the workshop wanting to know how to attract employers to their profile, showcase their activities, and for 15, ultimately launch their project management career in construction.

Having volunteered to lead this workshop, students learned the importance of a LinkedIn headline, joining Linkedin groups, networking, volunteering and gaining experience at every turn – all while documenting their activities using their smartphones – capturing pictures, video and notes to showcase what students are doing outside the classroom. Each student added new elements to their profiles and contemplated what other LinkedIn applications (Slideshare, Box.net, Google Docs, etc) and social media they might want to use to enhance their findability.

With 55% of members attending the Construction Users Roundtable Conference expecting a labor shortage of construction managers, here are a few hungry students you may be interested in:
Graduate Students:
Navid Behzad
Arpita Ghosh
Christine Tancinco
Chrystine Bohman
Chris Celani
Jon Geele
Kim Young
Amanda Nichols
Kent Rinker
Sean Yeager
Sawyer Zuber
Kim Rahberger
Sterling Smith
Ashley Bernardez

Already Employed:
Patricia Traegde Sundt Construction

You may notice that many of these students are female. ASU excels at recruiting women to the construction careers through their Advancing Women in Construction program, connecting women business owners (mentors) with students(mentees). If you know high school students considering construction project management or engineering, share this post with them and have them consider emailing:
Dawn Rogers
Program Manager Recruitment and Retention
Del E. Webb School of Construction Management
Arizona State University

If you are looking for a speaker or in need of an educational workshop to help leverage LinkedIn, please contact me, Carol Hagen. I am available in person or via webinar for your business, group or association.

Xoom for the Construction Project Manager March 4, 2011

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Update 3/23/11: With Firefox 4 for Android soon to be available, it is expected that Corecon will run the full version of their software on the Xoom!

The Motorola Xoom has been available at Verizon for a few weeks and all the competition keeps repeating is “there are no apps for it.” Who needs apps when smart software developers offer access to their applications in the cloud? For instance, Corecon, a construction project management and estimating system. Their Corecon mobile login provides the project manager access to his projects, job financials, documentation, correspondence, contacts, etc and a way to update directly from the field. Here’s a video showing a few project management functions on the Xoom:

It works well on all the other popular platforms too like Android, iPhone, iPad and Blackberry. This isn’t just for the commercial general contractor either. Architects, engineers, homebuilders and suppliers use Corecon everyday collaborating, estimating and responding to requests for bid, RFI’s, and more. So you know, my client’s bought Corecon from me to streamline their operations.

Personally I am awaiting the 4G upgrade (coming summer of 2011) before I grab a Xoom, but once I do, I’ll be Xooming presentations, videos and keeping projects up to date without the size limitations of my smartphone or the need to lug or boot up my laptop.

Corecon project management and videos on other devices can be viewed in a previous post entitled:Project Managers Go Mobile

Construction Project Managers Go Mobile September 1, 2010

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Update September 27, 2010: Project Manager views Job Alerts on iPad using Corecon Mobile

Update: Project Manager uses iPhone to access construction documentation

Construction Project Managers main line of communication is their mobile device. Whether it’s texts, emails or phone calls your smartphone has become the primary tool of the trade. What’s missing? Applications designed to improve collaboration that you can navigate efficiently on your cell phone or iPad. Today I want to introduce you to what I suspect will be a best friend to homebuilders, architects, engineers, and commercial contractors and subcontractors. The Corecon Mobile solution. This is part one in a series of 5 posts on what construction project managers want access or update on a job when they are out of the office.

To be clear, Corecon is something that my firm markets to the construction industry and I believe that they’ve hit the nail on the head. First it won’t matter which smartphone you have. Corecon Mobile will work on all these devices:

* Apple – iPhone
* Apple – iPad
* Blackberry
* Google – Android
* Microsoft – Windows Mobile
* Palm – Palm OS

Wait, you did read that correctly…the iPad too. Corecon is a web-based estimating, project management and scheduling system that has managed to roll-out mobile apps at no cost to the Corecon client. No need for virtual servers, or IT staff to keep Corecon running. They believe in value and have delivered. So what areas of the Corecon system have they included in their first Mobile deployment? The list is impressive:

Construction project management on iPhone with Corecon Mobile

iPhone 3G Project Menu

Contact Management

* Companies
* Contacts

Project Leads

* Leads Listing
* Lead Directory
* Bid Calendar


* Project Directory
* Alerts
* Documentation
o Checklists
o Daily Log
o Meetings
o Owner Items
o Permits
o Punchlists
o Safety Accidents
* Correspondence
o Comply Notices
o Journals
o RFIs
o Submittals
o Transmittals
o Work Orders
* Time Entry
* Schedules
o Tasks
* Financials

All this with no need to install anything extra on your device. Just access to the internet and a subscription to Corecon. The mobile portion is free. In essence Corecon delivers value to their customers and their smartphones. Here’s a Comply Notice screenshot to wet your whistle.

HTC EVO 4G screen shot of Comply Notice using Corecon Mobile

Comply Notice on the HTC EVO 4G

Tune in tomorrow for more. Over the next few days we’ll be showcasing more than screen shots with actual video of just how easy it is to access, create, update and share these documents from the device of your choice. We’d like to hear what you think about the evolution of technology for managers in the field and on the go.

Update: Blackberry used by Project Manager to access contact directory in Corecon Mobile V7:

I should also mention that Corecon has a fabulous integration to Quickbooks, SAP and Simply Accounting so contractors won’t need to rekey the data and worry about transposing errors. Smaller firms can have all their accounting, estimating, project managmeent and scheudling in the Cloud so the overhead for fancy PCs, backups and loading updates is over. The future has arrived!

What has your construction firm been using your smartphone for other than email and phone calls? Leave comments and share this with others.

Construction Project Management Questions and Answers August 26, 2010

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Construction project management has many sources for great content. Software vendors, certification programs and forums abound that focus on the project manager and they create great content. Today I thought I mention a place where project management Q&A is happening, but perhaps you haven’t noticed it. With over 395 questions and answers already available I think it’s a good source for the beginner and expert alike. It’s not in the obvious places you’re used to looking, but actually inside LinkedIn Answers.

Here’s a screen shot of what construction project managers have asked and answered:Construction Project Management Questions

To access this in LinkedIn, Click on the More tab, then Answers, click the advanced answers tab, browse on the right and click on Business Operations, then project management. Don’t forget to enter “construction” in the keywords field. You should see a screen like this:
Questions and answers from Construction Project Managers
Perhaps you’ll want to chime in with your two cents of wisdom in one of these discusssions…or start your own!
You should also look into a few LinkedIn Groups…more on that in a future post. Suggestions & recommendations welcome.

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