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Construction Industry Slow to Adopt Twitter August 12, 2009

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I was speaking with the CFO of a highway heavy contractor recently and he thought that Twitter was a waste of time. Of course this gentleman was over 50 and thought that tweets were just going to be more spam being delivered to his phone or email. Isn’t this the conception you have of Twitter?

There are 8 Things You Need to Know About Twitter and Business according to John Mancini, president of AIIM International.   Twitter is more than instant messaging because it has a world wide reach.  You need to keep your business purpose in mind and understand the use of hashtags when using this web 2.0 tool.  There are some contracting firms getting their feet wet, and using a twitter account like Leobuild that posts press releases and some news in hopes of driving traffic to the Leopardo website.  So while I haven’t found a construction firm hugging the tweetdeck wholeheartedly, but how ’bout an A/E firm? 

HOK, a prominent architectural firm launched HOK life last year using blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and more. It’s more about extending the conversatation. They tweet about HOK media coverage, employee’s accomplishments, project stories, publications, new hires and more. They are branding their firm as “the best firm to work for” and a place where new technology is embraced.  They build links between tweets & blogs, pulling you into the conversation and encouraging discussions, improving relationships and personalizing their firm.   Their employees use these tools during work hours, their purpose is clear and their company rules are few.  Do you think they have talent chasing them?

Twitter is just one of the web 2.0 tools out there that is underutilized by the construction industry.  In my efforts to educate contractors I use Twitter and LinkedIn to announce seminars and other events including an upcoming  Lunch N’ Learn entitled, “Twitter, LinkedIn and Social Networking/Social Media in the Construction Industry”  at the American Subcontractors Association office in Phoenix on August 18th. 

Are you interested but can’t attend in person?  There will be a webinar announced in the near future.  I’d also be interested in contracting firms that are using web 2.0 tools extensively in the USA.  I welcome the comments.

Can Web 2.0 and Social Networks Find You Employment? July 29, 2009

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Last night I spoke at the NAWIC Greater Phoenix Chapter 98 on “Web 2.0, LinkedIn & Social Networking: How to Get Noticed & Hired off the Net”.  This is an educational opportunity that I will offer via webinars in the near future. I found that many have been attempting to use the popular social networks but the approach has been haphazard. 

When you lose your job, many of you fall off the radar.  Our contacts only have a business email and office phone number.  If they think of you  but don’t know how to reach you, your network is useless.   (If you didn’t grab a copy of your PST files from Outlook at work you don’t have all your contacts’ emails either). It was apparent that this struck a chord with the audience.  Discussion immediately ensued about how people can find you, identity theft issues with public profiles,  and  account settings to secure your profile details.

There was also a buzz when I began to tweet about Twitter.   The perception from the over 40 crowd was Twitter was a bunch of junk and a waste of time.  This is a common reaction, but the 20-30  somethings have managed to find a tool that drives traffic, initiates conversations and connects followers and new people to be following.

For business, I find LinkedIn the preferred choice for making connections and there are statistics that bear this out.  But why has this been the chosen business social network?  Strategic planning, focus and tools.  Ask your Human Resource Department or a recruiter where they hang out and then ask them why it’s LinkedIn. 

My final thought today is what Web 2.0 is all about…how do you participate in “the conversation”?  Some of us are good listeners, others love to speak, lots of us just find things interesting, and many like to help others.  Then there is the professional joiner who likes to speak, listen, and help others.  We are all a mixture of talents and passions who love to be social. 

It is clear strategies that can make an impact, showcase your talents, and project your affinity to change.  So embrace web 2.0 technology, use it  to your advantage.

If you are interested in attending a future webinar on this topic, please let me know via LinkedIn.

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