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Bluebeam Tip: Add Dynamic Text to Your Tool Chest Symbol May 31, 2013

Posted by carolhagen in Bluebeam Revu, Construction Industry - Software.
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How to Add Dynamic symbolsSometimes you need a reference right on your planset for when a change was made. When it comes to markups, you can use stamps but did you know you can also add a Tool Chest Symbol?

Here’s how to create a simple symbol with dynamic text:
In Bluebeam Revu, Dynamic Text is not directly supported in symbols, however you can include a stamp that contains dynamic text. The dynamic text is updated when the symbol is added to the PDF.

Here is a quick example of creating a symbol that includes dynamic text:
1. Add the DateTime stamp to the PDF.
2. Create a Rectangle around the stamp. (You can use other markups like cloud, etc)
3. Select and then Group them. (Lasso them together and then press Ctrl-G).
4. Right-click and then click Add to Tool Chest. (or drag the grouped item into your tool chest of choice)
5. Add the symbol to the PDF.

The dynamic text for the date and time are updated when the symbol is added to the PDF. Now go get ’em Bluebeamers!


1. Jared Gothard - June 6, 2013

This trick does not seem to work… It appears correct at the time it is made, because the date / time would still be current. I adjusted the date/ time on my PC, and then placed a new stamp on my PDF. The dynamic text did not follow suit.

Jared Gothard - June 6, 2013

… and now it is working for me… not quite sure what I was doing differently 20 minutes ago.

2. Mike Shawn - March 16, 2019

Welcome to BB. It’s a constant battle to get thinks to work properly. We have dynamic stamps where the date will just freeze or the field that allows text entry will go buggy. Making a duplicate will often correct the problem, but not always. If you have a problem with BB and go online to find a solution, be warned. BB has closed their forums so there is little help out there other than people repeating the BB lies. You see, the people who wrote the help guides were too stupid to distinguish project behavior from session behavior. Working in session is a constant fight between how BB forces you to do something and how you think it should be done. And if you contact BB, all you get is “you can’t do that.” Did you know that Sessions are limited to 30 days and that you should not group markups? Yup! That’s BB’s solution to our loss of markups. Sorry to vent.

carolhagen - March 16, 2019

What version (2017.0.40, 2018.4) and edition of Revu are you running ( Standard, CAD, Extreme?

Mike Shawn - April 26, 2019

I’m using 2017.0.40 Standard as is the whole company. We tried a few copies of 2018 and it was so buggy we have not upgraded. We have discovered that the text field problem was related to pdf file corruption. BB should warn people to always generate a clean pdf file from CAD, do not trust any pdf sent via e-mail. The periodic date freeze is still an issue.

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