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LinkedIn Secret Tools for Construction Business Owners and Business Development March 11, 2013

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LinkedIn Secret Tools - Don't Talk Too MuchIn my attempt to help others leverage LinkedIn it dawned on me just how unfamiliar most construction business owners and their business development staff really know about LinkedIn and the apps that utilize it’s information. I have shared the “7 Lesser Known Apps to make LinkedIn Pop” and recognize there are more apps and tools to share that will improve productivity, garner deeper relationships and manage your connections. These are the Secret LinkedIn Apps to Success for Construction Business Development. Every SMPS member should be leveraging these tools and become more effective in managing their construction industry connections.

Evernote Hello (Android, iPhone) – Scans Business cards, automatically connects, makes meetings memorable. Great for prequalification presentations, jobsite, and pre-construction meetings!

CoBook (iPhone) Imports your contacts with Rich Profiles, organizes volumes of contacts with intelligent search by name, company or group. It also displays the local time for each contact – a handy feature!
To get it to work with LinkedIn, On your iPhone, open Cobook’s Settings and simply shake your phone. Aggregating your contacts in one place so you’re never caught without your contacts while at the jobsite.

Tout Email analytics, email templates, live feed interaction with links to call, email or access your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system for personalized follow-up. If you don’t have a CRM solution you can import your contacts by group or association. Works with Outlook, Gmail and synchronizes with your LinkedIn Connections. The ultimate in easy follow-up to all your important construction meetings and business development opportunities.

Five Hundred Plus For those of you with over 500 LinkedIn connections, this personal CRM tool now has a team feature if you have team members nurturing a prospect. Keep you LinkedIn connections close and nurture referrals with those that influence the construction industry.

ProInsights.me (Android tablets, iPad and the iPhone) This app offers a better way to visualize your connections with infographics, has an intelligent search that’s useful for finding someone when their name escapes you. Sorry no videos available on this one but there’s a quick overview preso on their website. Most construction professionals are visual, so make your LinkedIn connections and relationships easier to navigate.

NoteLeaf (Android, iPhone and Blackberry) This is a fantastic app that takes your Google Calendar (Which I sync my Outlook too daily) and gives me a recap of who I am meeting with 10 minutes before my meeting on my mobile device. Although not currently accessible in beta trials, add your email and get invited to their official release. I’ve used this for over a year, keeping me informed with my construction prospects, influencers and customers.

Charliehq Another suggestion to sign-up for early. CharlieHQ will give you a reminder before a meeting and help you stay current with a contacts activities. Heard about this tool via my network. Looking forward to it’s release!

7 Little Known Apps to Make LinkedIn Pop! January 2, 2013

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LinkedIn Apps that Pop
LinkedIn is the king of Business to Business Social Networking but few have taken the time to learn the details of how to leverage their personal and company profiles.  Even fewer have found the real secrets of using applications that can extend the value to their email, smartphone or tablet.  Sure they have the LinkedIn App installed on their phone, but it’s terrible for  inviting people to connect with you on LinkedIn. One day LinkedIn will add a way to customize your invitation on their mobile app but who has the time to waste in this fast paced world?

These seven applications will help make  LinkedIn deliver business results and fulfill your 2013 resolution of leveraging Social Media. Best of all most of these apps are free to use (some offer premium services).

For People You Meet and want to Keep in Touch WithCardMunch is a Business Card App that transcribes contacts and connects on LinkedIn, currently for iOS only (owned by LinkedIn)

To Meet People When Traveling: HereOnBiz ( iOS only) is perfect for when you are looking to meetup with connections in other cities, and receive notification when connections that matter  are nearby or at the same event.

For People You Need to See More Often: HookFlash is a WebRTC app for video calls to your LinkedIn Connections ( iPad only)

To Keep Track of Who You’ve Spoken To and When: ConnectedHQ is a lite Customer Relationship Management solution CRM (owned by LinkedIn) which also incorporates profiles from Twitter, Facebook and Google+ providing a universal address book, comprehensive profiles, daily agendas and events.

To Showcase Your Expertise: Slideshare lets you upload your presentations and docs (owned by LinkedIn) so you can embed them on your LinkedIn Profile in the Summary, Education or Experience Sections.

To Keep Your Conversations Fresh: Rapportive is a Gmail  plug-in for access to LinkedIn, Skype, Twitter and Facebook profiles (owned by Linkedin)

To Find More Connections in Your Industry or Your Prospect’s Industry: Intro – Lets you define what industry and role you are looking to connect with from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, MeetUp on iTunes and Android’s Google Play

Learn one App a day, and in a week you’ll be ready to make LinkedIn Pop! If you are in the construction industry, I invite you to connect with me on LinkedIn to learn more about software, apps and construction specific tech topics a.

For more LinkedIn apps that have  working relationships with LInkedIn , check out  my Quora answer

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Are Your Construction Press Releases Social? December 29, 2011

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Press Release: You can embed Tweets in your Blog! Today I am using one blog post and a Tweet to entice my Construction Tech blog readers to my other blog and to Twitter. We need to be reminded that Construction Press Releases Need to be Social. That’s the premise in this week’s “Social Plus Websites for Small Business” Blog. It’s a great resource for social topics, business development, and marketing, still focused on construction. Here’s my most recent post as seen in Twitter:

Click on the link to read the article, “Construction Press Releases Need to be Social.” While you’re there, please consider subscribing to that blog too!

FYI – As my activity is more frequent on Twitter you may want to follow me @carolhagen where I’m sharing tips on Social media, smartphone apps, along with AEC and construction tech topics (just click the button above). If you don’t have a Twitter account you can still read all my Tweets aggregated by topic using this Twylah page

Perhaps you’ll use these ideas as well to share your content across the AEC industry.

May you all have a Happy and Prosperous New Year in 2012!

Everyday is Thanksgiving on Social Networks November 23, 2011

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Thanksgiving is an American holiday but I see people universally thanking people across all social networks.  Here’s what needs to be said on each of the major social platforms:

Twitter (My followers) – Thank you for following, mentioning and retweeting my content. If it weren’t for you no one would hear me and Twitter would be a big time waster – funny thing is that the majority of uniformed business people think this way. Let’s keep the Twitter value a secret as it is a competitive advantage, especially for the AEC sector.

Twitter (I’m following) – Thank you for unselfishly sharing your business acumen, thought leadership, and technology wisdom with me.  For taking the time to answer my questions and developing lasting friendships with many I may never meet in person, I am forever grateful.  I look for ways to reciprocate with you and hope to continue growing personally and professionally through your blog posts, event tweets and shared content.

Linkedin – A special thanks goes to each personal connection who has written a recommendation for me.  Your “trust” gift to my profile has attracted speaking engagements and business opportunities that have contributed directly to my professional success. To my connections – your likes and shares have helped countless others with their social media, technology and business education. Thank you for sharing announcements, blog posts and networking opportunities with the construction industry. We’re all working for the same outcome – growing infrastructure opportunities, a healthy housing market and a prosperous year ahead.

Facebook friends – It’s wonderful to connect with old friends and new, sharing breathtaking photos and humorous video moments. For those also sharing business content, thanks for caring about my success. A special thanks goes to Mari Smith and ALLFacebook who continue to make facebook changes less intimidating and offers ideas for your business to leverage Facebook. For the contractors and employees who have chosen me as a Facebook friend or liked my company page, please inform your employer that Talent attraction and community outreach work well here and to the residential contractors it’s a must for reaching business opportunities!

WordPress – Appreciation goes out to all my blog subscribers, and those that have commented on a blog post. Each of these small actions (like, share, +1) has helped to drive traffic to my website often leads to business synergies.

Google+ – You’re new to the party. While few people have asked to be in my circles, many of those that have are my closest influencers, news sources and advisers. Thank you for being here – Your deserve a +1 everyday. Thank you Google for making a better social network that makes content curation, communication and collaboration easy.

To my entire Business Network (those I email, see at association meetings and call on from time to time): You know the secret to networking is just genuinely caring about the success of others and building trusting relationships. May you enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with friends and family and come back with greater appreciation for every connection you make each day.

To my family that I love dearly: I know I see you infrequently and wish that instead of video conferencing and phone call a Star Trek Transporter were available so I could be there more often, share more meals, hug, laugh and cry together. May your turkey be plump, your pies be sweet and your afternoon nap be restful.

Has the Construction Industry Noticed This in LinkedIn Today? August 23, 2011

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Who Shared this article on LInkedIn Today about Hensel Phelps

Construction companies and the AEC industry struggle to leverage social media. They don’t understand the value that LinkedIn brings as they just see more emails notices they don’t want from overzealous salesmen. The business value is hidden in learning the obvious but overlooked features and functions. Let’s look closely at LinkedIn Today.

LinkedIn Today has a story trending about the Hensel Phelps Construction solar project and I couldn’t help but peek to see who was sharing this story. By clicking on the number in the lower right, a popup displays (shown above) of my connections up to the 3rd level sharing the story with their network. Why is this important you ask? What if this story was about your firm? If the social media maven at Hensel Phelps is paying attention there is an opportunity here that doesn’t occur when someone shares privately via email. An opportunity to make LinkedIn connections, show gratitude and strike up conversations. It’s the advantage that social media marketers have been shouting about but that your construction, engineering or architectural firm is still trying to figure out. If it catches someone’s interest and you know about it, don’t miss out on these social openings. You may find your next client!

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If you want to learn more about what you don’t know about LinkedIn or other social tools, I’m available for consulting, speaking engagements and strategy building.

CFMA Conference Winners Were the Attendees May 19, 2011

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The Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA) held their 2011 Annual Conference earlier this week and I must say those attending came out ahead. It’s not just the CPE credits and the speakers, but the networking that goes on that makes this such a success. Here are a few takeaways from the sessions, happenings and social events.

The Chapter Summit was great and packed tightly with discussions, feedback and education. Top challenges for chapters are how to get more butts in seats, increase participation, new member attraction and finding speakers with good topics. I’d be happy to offer my presentation to chapters across the country adding a spin into business development if you need a speaker. Sharing is a big thing in social networking so here’s access to my Leveraging LinkedIn and Social Media for CFMA chapters. I invite everyone to ask questions and/or connect with me on LinkedIn if you need a leg up on how to.

The keynote “connections” address with Marc Scharenbroich was a thunderous success in his approach to being authentic, a good listener and appreciative. His closing Boomba Hey CFMA is on YouTube or you can view it here. I’d recommend reading his book, Nice Bike to reinforce his message and his thank you extends the benefits … proceeds help military families.

For those wanting to know if there was a buzz during the conference may want to review the Twitter stream of #CFMA2011 as there were a few people chatting other than exhibitors. You do not need a Twitter account to view the activity. Just go to http://search.twitter.com/search?q=%23cfma2011.

As a techie, I also thoroughly enjoyed the presentation on Smartphones and immediately implemented a mobile app for my own business…it takes up to 14 days to be added to the Android Market so I’ll update this post once it’s live. If it is well received an iPhone version will be out before the end of June. I’ll keep you posted …thank you Jim Spellos for sharing Appsbar.com as a free solution! Jim also shared info on augmented reality using the layars app and for those firms or individuals that need to read signs in Spanish you should checkout the iPhone app “Word Lens” from Questvisual.com …it will blow your mind!

I made new friends and connected with controllers, CPAs, and exhibitors from across the country. We danced, sang, shared stories, broke bread and had deep discussions. Special thanks go to Sue Marion and Amy Hanagan for making my stay fun, Diedre Aldous for our Main Street Days activities, Dina O’Rourke for keeping the CFMA engine running, John Corocoran for involving me in Chapter Summit and the exhibitors for sponsoring keynotes, meals, entertainments, etc …as catching up with friends but once a year is made sweeter by your generosity. To everyone I met “Nice Bike”.

I’ve left a few holes for those in attendance to share their experiences, education and networking stories. Feel free to share these construction education gems and also share your own by adding comments and sharing this with others.

Construction “Trades Hub” For Quality Content Across the Web April 20, 2011

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Mike Rowe is passionate about the construction industry

Mike Rowe Works for You

The mikeroweWORKS Trades Hub just launched and pulls together blogs, articles and news stories relating to the construction trades,
It’s an easy to navigate site, to quickly find the popular blogs and websites that might normally go unnoticed if you’re not a regular subscriber. You may recognize the name, Mike Rowe as he’s been at apprentice in over 300 “Dirty Jobs” Episodes on TV. He’s passionate about the trades and the construction industry.

Building Up the Trades Community: “The skills gap is a real concern that’s getting more worrisome every day. Fewer skilled tradesmen in the workforce will affect us all. Younger folks need to have a better understanding of how they can benefit from learning a trade, and parents need to encourage their kids to consider this worthwhile and important path. mrW strives to reinvigorate the trades. The mrW Trades Hub will help us in that effort.”

Carol’s Construction Technology Blog is honored to be included in the Trade Hub. Here’s a screenshot of the Trades Hub and I hope you read it often!

Construction Technology in the Trades Hub

Carol's Construction Technology Blog in Trades Hub

Your comments and feedback are always welcome. Please share this with your friends in the construction industry.

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