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Bluebeam Tip: Show All Measurements in Estimating Take-off March 20, 2014

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How to make area and perimeter measurements display in Bluebeam Revu

With the recent Bluebeam Revu 12 release, all take-off measurements appear in the markups list (See image below). If they don’t, you may need to Manage Columns and check off the fields you are missing. All the measurements, however, may not appear on the markup on your document. This can be adjusted by selecting the Show All Measurements in the properties of the measurement or in your custom measurement item in your tool set.
The example above shows an area markup that includes both the area and perimeter. Note that the perimeter equals the length in an area measurement if you are performing calculations for your estimate.

If you are measuring perimeter. The Show All Measurements will add the “P=” to your perimeter markup. This can be helpful to distinguish visibly between an area markup and a perimeter measurement on a document.

If you use the Diameter measurement, Show All measurements will add Area and Perimeter measurements.

Using the volume measurement with the Show All Measurements selected will include Area, Perimeter and Wall Area with the Volume.

All the above examples and the markups list measurements are shown below:
How to add Area, Perimeter and Wall area to a measurement markup in Bluebeam RevuNote that these additional measurements display in the comments column on the markups list.

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