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IPhone Contender for Verizon Customers October 19, 2009

Posted by carolhagen in Construction Industry - Software, iPhone.
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Verizon Wireless just started an advertising campaign with the new Droid phone.   I was convinced I was switching to AT&T until this announcement and their slick sales pitch that aims squarely at the iPhone.  

The Droid is based upon the Android 2.0 operating system and is a Motorola and Google collaborative effort.   It’s not the first Android based smartphone so you can read about the players in the space from PCWorld .  As Techcrunch so eloquently put it “Verizon Droid is the Real Deal,” so I am now waiting to decide until after the release date of October 30th  for a new smartphone purchase.  With features like 5.o megapixel photos, a Qwerty keyboard, the ability to run simultaneous Apps, widgets and open development this could be the answer for the iPhone or not.  With 10,000 apps touted, I’ll let you know.

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